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Tom Charboneau
Mar 22 2017 14:20 PM Post #127

Just stopped by for a look. Nostalgic, I was up in the 7th CLSU in Phu Bai 9/69- 9/70. I was a 72B30. Started in Ft.Polk, LA Warrant Officer Pilot reject and wound up in Crypto in Ft.Gordon,GA. Welcome home troops.
Gene Dennebaum
Dec 31 2015 9:38 AM Post #108

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Sorry for any inconvenience,
Buck Berdan
May 04 2015 11:07 AM Post #65

I was assigned to 3 CLSU andCLSC-V . Made the trip to you folks to get your equipment when you were standing down. Very interesting trip to the delta, especially as I had been assigned to Danang previously.
Linda Flagler Stevens
Nov 18 2011 5:30 AM Post #64

Hello. I was thinking about the mighty 3 this morning and decided to let you know. As a family member your site is a place of Great Memories. Thanks for that. Happy Holidays to all.
Noel T. Chesse'
Oct 09 2010 12:25 PM Post #59


A fellow "cryptoman"; 31S20, next door at the Comm Center! '70-'71


PEACE! Peace

Noel T. Chesse'
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret
Dec 29 2009 10:10 AM Post #43

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CW3 John C Shore
Mar 19 2009 0:05 AM Post #42

I was Comsec Actg at Long Binh Dec 67 to Dec 68. We worked out of vans also. I was also CO 446 Sig Unit for awhile. CW2 Tom Creamer was our Maint chief. Pls send me the article posted on this link of the facility at Long Binh. I designed a bldg when I was there but we never got it under construction.
John Stolte
Mar 17 2009 19:01 PM Post #41

I was the NCOIC of the 514th Signal Det. (Tropo) on Vung Ro Mountain on the coast located midway between Qui Nhon and Nha Trang from 3/69 - 3/70. I spent over 30 years in the credit industry and learned how to locate people. If you want to locate someone for a VA claim or reunion let me know. My email is There is no charge for my help.
Welcome Home Brothers!
Bruce Flagler
Dec 21 2008 12:14 PM Post #40

I want to wish all my fellow 2nd CLSU friends a very Merry Christmas ans a Happy New Year.
I was with the 2nd CLSU from Oct 69 to Oct 70.
Bob Craft
Sep 25 2008 12:00 PM Post #38

Great site. I was assigned to the 595th Signal Company (SPT), 36th Signal Battalion, 2nd Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade, Di An, RVN in 1967. Check out my website for pictures of my time in Vietnam. Sign the guest book to let me know you visited.
Dave W.
Sep 09 2008 12:00 PM Post #37

Just wanted to drop a note to say the National Cryptologic Museum has a 2nd CLSU flag and probably lots of other stuff of interest to folks who maintain and/or visit this website. Please pay us a visit! We can arrange docent-led tours for groups of six or more.
Jon Danh
Jul 27 2008 12:00 PM Post #36

It is very valuable website. It gives me great memory of Cantho. From 69-75 Interpreter/Translator
Alex Kutcher
Jun 09 2008 12:00 PM Post #35

Great Site. Served in Can Tho 1/69-1/70. Looking for guy I served with-air traffic controlers
Tom Drennan
Apr 05 2008 12:00 PM Post #34

Served 69-70 Was in the 160th Group, 57th Signal Co at the 3rd CLSU in Long Binh and the 6th CLSU in Qui Nhon MOS was 31S30.
Welcome home everyone
Pat Williams
Mar 11 2008 12:00 PM Post #33

i liked your site
Feb 24 2008 12:00 PM Post #32

AUG 69-AUG 70
Stephen A. Meade
Feb 09 2008 12:00 PM Post #31

Served with HHC, 69th Engineer Battalion from Aug 69 - Aug 70. Passed by your section of the base many times.
Elisabeth Eitel
Sep 07 2007 12:00 PM Post #30

I work with Walt Wagner, and hes one of my favorite coworkers. We were just discussing how to escape attacking animals, which prompted him to show me your Ralph the Snake pictures from the looks of it, a very handsome snake. Also, your pictures of the rivers and shantytowns just boggle the mind. Thanks so much for sharing.
Mike Molloy
Jul 20 2007 12:00 PM Post #29

I was at 4corps Hdqt Co in Can Tho from 3/70 thru 12/70 I was wondering if anyone knew anybody from that Co or that period and how I might be able to contact them. I appreciate your time to set up this site thank you Mike Molloy
Terry Clark
Apr 25 2007 12:00 PM Post #28

Welcome home all. Just surfed in from the 7thCLSU. Nicely done.
Peter Wiest
Apr 03 2007 12:00 PM Post #27

70-71 459th Nha Trang COMSEC
don't have a line on anyone from then/there. Memories fade. Would love to here from anyone. By the time I was there they were argueing about shape of peace talk table. Snake eaters went home as well as most of enginering and cable units. It was just a few of us holding the whole perimeter of Camp McDermet. I used to do the currier runs all over with cripto codes, so I...(trimmed)
Sam Maness
Nov 21 2006 12:00 PM Post #26

Awesome site! Thanks Walt, Denny and Bernie. Sorry I had to be tracked down, I haven't changed much except in size and appearance. I will dig out my slides and send some. Thanks again for the site and for finding me.
John Fountain
Nov 02 2006 12:00 PM Post #25

Stationed in Oki and had a Comsec channel to Can tho A and B.. Used to 'HJ' the crypto equip with you guys.
Charles Gove
Sep 23 2006 12:00 PM Post #24

Was with the 6th CLSU in Qui Nohn (TDY in 1969 and PCS in 1970). Maint NCOIC, DISTRA NCOIC and First Shirt (off and on). MOS was 31U4. A far cry from my first tour with the 4th ID 66-68. Worked with a great bunch of guys. Wish I could hook up with some of them. You guys have a great site!
chris dennebaum
Sep 05 2006 12:00 PM Post #23

Love seeing the pictures of my old man and his buddies. Best wishes to all of you and thank you for the service to our country.
CW4 (Ret) Horace O'Bannon
Aug 28 2006 12:00 PM Post #22

Appreciated all the fine support I received while serving in the delta from the 2CLSU. I served two tours there, first one was from early 68 to 69 and second was from late 69 to 70. Both times with the 52nd Signal Battalion and both times had the Can Tho Communications Center and Autosevocom facility.. Nice to know someone still cares.. thanks again for the fine support.
Aug 26 2006 12:00 PM Post #21

Bernard (Keith) Vollrath
Apr 17 2006 12:00 PM Post #20

My hat is off to all of you from the 2nd CLSU Rangers. Hope to see you at the 1st Bde reunion in August 06
Margaret Massey
Oct 11 2005 12:00 PM Post #19

I am Arlie's wife. A few weeks ago we met Walt & Cindy Wagner and had a wonderful time. It was the first time I had met anyone who was in Viet Nam with Arlie and it was great to hear some of the stories. If you have any reservations about meeting your old buddies please put them aside. Don't worry, everyone has aged gracefully just as you have so no one will notice the thinning hair and expand...(trimmed)
Ron Blydenburgh
Jul 01 2005 12:00 PM Post #18

I helped place many a sand bag at the original site. I have been in touch with Bernie Wallace a while back, and promised him some pictures. I will do so again soon and see about getting them posted. Officers I served under in 1968-69 were 1st Lt Smith, CW Larry Decker, Lt Dennis Freels and CW McDonald. Some names I remember are Sears, Hammond, Currier, Moody, Eminger, Dezland, Johnson, Ross, Miranda, E...(trimmed)
Brian Wagner
Jun 20 2005 12:00 PM Post #17

I'm Walt Wagner's son. Nice to see some of the old pictures.. I look too much like him it's scary, ha. But groovy site, keep up the good work dad.
Roland Archambault Jr.
Jun 19 2005 12:00 PM Post #16

A friend of Ted Michols, and served in Tay Nihn, Quan Loi, Cambodian Border, Phouc Vihn Apr 69 May 70, Infantry/Grunt/PointmanThanx for letting me view your Great Sight! Never made it to the Delta, but it looks awful WET!!! Don't know what would have been worse, the water or the thick Jungle! Great work, putting this sight together! Again Thanx & Welcome Home!
Ted Michols
Jun 06 2005 12:00 PM Post #15

At Penton Publishing we were proud when Walt Wagner went to serve without a complaint and still are. A good and loyal friend for 40 years. Outside of Ralph everyone looks friendly.
chris dennebaum
Apr 06 2005 12:00 PM Post #14

I am Gene Dennebaum's oldest son. Thanks for letting me see some pics of my old man, and get a window into your experiences in vietnam. My little brother Matt has the exact same build as dad did back then. Thanks again.
Pat Volpe
Feb 19 2005 12:00 PM Post #13

Thanks for sharing your memories. I was a just a young girl when 2 of my brothers, Gene and Jim Dennebaum were in Vietnam together. Your stories are important to all of us, thank you.
Peter Knauf
Jan 30 2005 12:00 PM Post #12

Great pictures, good site I'll enjoy touring when it's colder outside.
Mark Glandon
Jan 17 2005 12:00 PM Post #11

I knew there was someting miss all these years and it is you guys. Thanks, to Bruce for getting a hold of me. The experience and memories of Vietnam run deep.
Linda Flagler Stevens
Jan 17 2005 12:00 PM Post #10

Great site. I am Bruce Flagler's 'much older sister' who observed the war from a different place but with a unique prospective. I was a reporter at the time for the Fredericksburg, VA Free Lance Star. I spent much of my time at Quantico, writing obits for the families of dead Marines. We must remember and share the history.
Dane A. Donaldson
Jan 16 2005 12:00 PM Post #9

Hello everyone. It is great to know that you all are doing well
Bruce Flagler
Jan 15 2005 12:00 PM Post #8

It doesn't seem like 35 years ago. I hope we can all keep in touch and even find more of us. Who knows maybe even a get together sometime.
Greg Lynch
Jan 11 2005 12:00 PM Post #7

Welcome Home to all my fellow CLSU'ers. I was stationed at the 7th, in Phu Bai....which is at the opposite end of that tiny country on the other side of the world. But we were all there for the same reason and to do the same job! I think our site - which are now linked to each other - probably inspired Gene, Walt & Bernie. And they have done a fabulous job! Great Site! I am very happy to b...(trimmed)
John Wagner
Jan 11 2005 12:00 PM Post #6

Very interesting and informative site.
Randy McDonald
Jan 10 2005 12:00 PM Post #5

Salute to each and everyone of the great guys who served in the 2nd CLSU. Memories not forgotten.
Dean Payton
Jan 10 2005 12:00 PM Post #4

I am glad you found me I have some pictures I would like to share. It was great to be able to work with all of you
Arlie Massey
Jan 10 2005 12:00 PM Post #3

I wouldn't trade my experience of being at the 2nd CLSU for anything. I didn't know that immediatly, but only as I grew older.
Matthew Stevens
Jan 08 2005 12:00 PM Post #2

I am the nephew of Burce Flagler and I must say it's a great site! Stay in contact with each other. You all need a good outlet for a time which was sometimes very hard. Thank you for everything you have seen and done. Tell your stories of this time in history so we as a country do not repeat it again!! Thank you again!
Jan 08 2005 12:00 PM Post #1

Hope you enjoyed the site. Please leave us a note.
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