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If you want to find creative ways to use technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business, you have come to the right place.


Custom Applications can help any business improve the processes within its business system.

A System is that collection of inter-related Processes in which your People do Work. By changing the Process, you can Reduce the Work and Improve the Quality. Agile software applications make data centric processes flexible by design.

Whether your business is Manufacturing or Services, For Profit or Non-Profit, the benefits are the same.

WE Can Find Ways To Make the Work Better

Proven Methods

bulletPDCA based Improvement Process.
bulletIncremental Improvement Methods.
bulletUse of Metrics to Measure Performance.
bulletPeople Oriented Methods for Improvement.
bulletUse Agile Software Development Methods.
bulletCustom Developed Software.

Actual Case

Wausau Paper of Groveton, NH

Average Grade Change Loss Reduction.

I am an independent consultant living in Northern New Hampshire. I focus support to clients in New Hampshire, Northern Vermont and Central Maine. My background is manufacturing systems, but the services I provide apply to any work place.

Take a few minutes to look around. Please Contact Me to explore your technology based opportunities for improvement.


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