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Here are answers to commonly asked questions.

How can I contact you ?
In what software environment do you develop?
Do you have references I can contact ?
How long have you been in business ?
What organizations have you worked with ?
What's with the pictures ?
What is your logo story ?

How do I contact you?

You can contact me by mail, email or by phone. Click Here to open my Contact Me page.

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In what software environment do you develop?

Most of my tools are designed using an Application / Data structure. On the application side I most often use  Microsoft Access. The data side may use Microsoft Jet, Microsoft SQL Server or other data server software.

In almost all of my client's operations, they already use Microsoft Office and Access exists. Therefore, they already own most of the layers they need to allow me to work. Access has a rich library of application development objects and offers a broad range of interface options to other programs or data sources. In short, it is the low cost, high performance solution for small to medium size database development platforms.

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Do you have references I can contact?

Yes. Please Contact Me to discuss who you can contact.

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How long have you been in business?

I set out on my own in January, 1999.

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What organizations have you worked with ?

Since becoming an independent contractor in Jan 1999:

bulletThe paper mill in Berlin NH when it was Pulp & Paper of America.
bulletThe paper mill in Groveton NH when it was Wausau Papers of NH.
bulletWausau Carriers - a trucking and warehouse company in Groveton NH.
bulletCherry Pond Designs - makers of fine quality wood furniture in Jefferson, NH.
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What's with the pictures ?

The images I have chosen for these pages are from the Brown Company Collection of images.

I have a strong connection to the communities of Berlin/Gorham NH. It is my home and I love the area and it's history. Plymouth State University currently has a project underway to scan and post images from the 11,000 pictures in the Brown Paper Company Photographic Collection. You can read the story and find the images that have been scanned at Beyond Brown Company.

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What is your logo story?

It carries a number of ideas that are near and dear to my heart.

I consider myself to be a very good teammate, a Wingman when you need one.
The red letters spell "WE". That is how I work. It is not "Me" who gets things done, it is We get things done.
I fly low and slow enough to see what is going on as do the A10's in the image.
I am close to the ground and quick to respond.
I live and work in the mountains of New Hampshire.
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