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I am a Skilled Practitioner in the Application of Improvement.  


Incremental Continuous Improvement is at the core of what I do.


Agile development of computer applications, custom fitted to your business process, is the way I help you improve.

Offered Services

Software Development Services

bulletCustom Software Development (Process Focused)
bulletInterfaces to Existing Systems

Improvement Process Services

bulletImprovement Management System Development
bulletTraining and People Development
bulletDeveloping Key Business Metrics
bulletAgile Software Development Training

Project Services

bulletModification of Existing Applications (MS Access)
bulletIT Project Management
bulletDatabase Design Documents
bulletApplication Definition Documents
bulletMember of Your Application Development Team
bulletAccess Development to Your Specs
bulletUpsizing Existing Access Applications to SQL Server

Access Maintenance Services

bulletRecovery of Damaged Access Applications
bulletAvoiding Access Applications Damage
bulletAddressing Access Multi-User Issues
bulletModifications of Existing Access Applications

Controls & Process Information Systems

bulletMeasurex System Services
bulletControls Designs
bulletProcess Data Historian Uses


My services are largely determined by my clients, after all, they are my customer. It is truly a matter of what you want to do. I want to work with those who DO things to improve.

My rates are subject to where I will be working. If I can work from Northern NH, they will be lower. If I must travel, a higher rate plus travel and living expenses will apply. I will estimate any reasonable request.

Please Contact Me to learn how WE Can Find Ways To Make It Better Every Day.



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